On the 16th of March 2024 a letter has been send to all members of the European Parliament with Questions and an Offer.

Hounorable Member of the European Parliament,

 Unconditional Basic Income – European Initiative is an initiative of activists in the EU and other European countries who participated in the last European Citizens’ Initiative on Basic Income.

Our goal is to introduce an unconditional basic income in every country in Europe and the world. UBI (Unconditional Basic Income) is the amount of money that is paid regularly, unconditionally and universally to all people and is high enough to ensure their material existence and participation in society

The basic income is widely supported in EU countries (see DIW Weekly Report 15/2019)

The final report of the online platform for the Conference on the Future of Europe also emphasises the importance of the topic of basic income. It states:

  • “The unconditional basic income is the most frequently voiced idea.”
  • “One of the most frequently proposed mechanisms to make Europe more inclusive and socially just is to guarantee an unconditional basic income across the EU.”
  • “The most frequently recurring sub-theme, with several ideas highly favoured and commented on, concerns the unconditional basic income, which should guarantee everyone’s ability to participate in society.”

Many civil society organisations in the EU and other European countries are campaigning for a basic income and are drawing attention to the connection between basic income, climate justice and socio-ecological transformation. In this regard, we would like to refer you to the memorandum “Basic income as a necessary component of a socio-ecological transformation and key element for climate justice“. It also shows the broad support that basic income as a component of an urgently needed socio-ecological transformation enjoys in the scientific community, but also in regard to terrifying war going on in Europe and its social consequences.

Against the background of the high level of support, the many activities in favour of the basic income and the great interest of the population in the EU and the scientific community in universal, unconditional, individual and sufficient security, we ask you two questions in the run-up to the elections to the European Parliament and make an offer:

  1. Have your group in parliament or you yourself in the European Parliament undertaken any activities in the last five years to promote the introduction of basic income in accordance with the above criteria in the European Union or to take steps in this direction? If so, which ones? (Please provide links as proof)
  2. Has your party in your home country included the demand for a basic income in accordance with the above criteria, or has it taken steps in this direction, in its programme for the European Parliament elections? (Please provide the specific text and a link to the source)

And here is our offer: Is your party or are you prepared to enter into a dialogue with civil society organisations and academics regarding the possibilities of introducing a basic income in your country? If so, please get in touch with us. We can put you in touch with these organisations and are also available for a discussion.

The membes of European Parliament are requested to reply to these question by e-mail by 20th of April 2024.

The complete letter can be found in the pdf of this letter Unconditional Basic Income – European Initiative – EU-election 2024 – en

On behalf of the Members of the Unconditional Basic Income – European Initiative