The new network “UBI-EI” Unconditional Basic Income -European Initiative

UBI-EI (Unconditional Basic Income – European Initiative) is an initiative composed of UBI advocates from different European countries, who contributed to the design, initiation and execution of the two seperate ECI Campaigns for UBI, held in 2013-2014 and 2020-2022. The goal of our UBI-EI is the introduction of Unconditional Basic Incomes in every country in Europe and the world. We will cooperate and join the EUMANS pan-European movement and we will cooperate also with other groups.

  1. Our plans regarding the third ECI Campaign

We want to use the current seen momentum for the discussion about the introduction of a secure method for the people in this time of multiple crises. Our plans for a new ECI sould be seen as part of the ecological – social transformation of our society.

  1. The letter to MEPs on 12th of Sept.2022

Please find attached the letter (and the Annex to that letter) that we, UBI-EI, are sending to all MEPs: One important sentence is: We call on Members of the European Parliament to work to ensure that the introduction of an Unconditional Basic Income and steps towards an unconditional basic income in each EU Member State will be part of the European Commission’s proposal for a RECOMMENDATION on minimum income.

  1. UBI-EI will have regular meetings.

In the past, where the ECI-Team had Coordination Team Meetings and each two months European Coordination Team Meetings. We have now decided, that UBI-EI will hold each month on first Wednesdays a meeting, always with concrete proposals for the discussion.

  1. Coming UBI-EI Meeting to be held on 5th of Oct. 2022

Topic “Improvement of ECI rules”. A questionnaire (with consultation with the respective ECI teams) should be submitted by all organizers of ECIs by 14 Oct. 2022 at the latest. Klaus’ proposal is to be revised and then sent.

ECI UBI – Results and Outlook

Dear signatories and followers of the European Citizens’ Initiative “Start Unconditional Basic Incomes (UBI) throughout the EU”

1. ECI Basic Income – Results and Outlook

First of all, a big thank you to all those who have actively organized, supported and disseminated the ECI Basic Income. Corona, the political climate (Ukraine war), the largely unknown nature of the ECI participation instrument and zero financial support for our work by the EU institutions have not made it easy.

Nevertheless, over 296 thousand have signed the ECI basic income. In terms of minimum quorum, Spain ranks 1st, followed by Slovenia and Italy. Germany has reached fourth place in the EU with over 70 thousand signatures, exceeding the minimum quorum with 104 percent. By way of comparison, the ECI basic incomes in 2013/14 signed only 275 thousand in the EU-27 (excluding the UK), and in Germany only about 40 thousand (55 percent of the minimum quorum at that time). Spain, Italy, Greece and Latvia have made strong gains this time. Here are the ECI results of 2013/14, h ere are the ECI results of 2013/14, the results of the current ECI here or here.

However, we have not reached the target of one million signatures. In some EU countries, EU scepticism has grown or many cannot (yet) do anything with the EU. An example: The referendum on basic income in Austria received around 169 thousand signatures. However, the ECI basic income was signed by fewer than four thousand citizens in Austria. Other countries, such as France, Belgium or Bulgaria, have remained far below their previous level in this year’s ECI.

However, in addition to increasing the total number of signatures and the upswing in some countries, we have achieved great success on the online platform for the future of Europe: “One of the most frequently suggestedmechanisms to make Europe more inclusive and socially fair is the guaranteeing an Unconditional Basic Income throughout the EU“(Final Report Platform, page 44)

Outlook: We will use both increased support for the ECI and success on the online platform to become more actively involved in EU policy. The networking of basic income actors at European level, which has been strengthened with the ECI Basic Income, is also encouraging. In order to continue the proven solidarity cooperation at European level, an “Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) – European Initiative” has been founded.

2. Stay informed

If you would like to continue to be informed about the activities on basic income at European level, you can subscribe to newsletters of basic income organisations in your country. Or follow us on Facebook You can also subscribe to the Daily Basic Income Newspaper

3. UBI4ALL also continues!

We continue!
And keep collecting for our basic income raffle at UBI4ALL so that people can experience it for real. Most recently, Balázs, a young man from Hungary, won a European Basic Income of 800 Euro per month. Before that, Lucie from France and Thomas from Ireland. Who will be next?

Our ingenious plan: if several million people join UBI4ALL, it will be easy to make our next citizens’ initiative for basic income in Europe a success. So, tell all your friends about  UBI4ALL ! By the way, people from all countries in Europe can now register for the raffle – no longer just from EU countries.

Dear readers, stay healthy and committed to basic income!

Klaus Sambor, Austria
Ronald Blaschke, Germany

Call for SignStorm

Citizens of the European Union,

it is time to provoke the Storm of Signing – put aside the last hesitations, support the European Citizens’ Initiative “Unconditional Basic Income Across the EU” and call others to do it. This is the last chance to do so in the coming month. And last chance in the coming years to bring UBI directly into EU politics.


Your signatures are a demonstration, a message above all to the governments of your own countries. The number of signatures from the citizens of your country is the most telling message – you can no longer wait with UBI. There is no longer a question of “whether”, only a question of “how”. This became clear already at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Such social policy reforms are an exclusive national competence and therefore we cannot require a single, pan-European UBI. However, it is up to Brussels to take a step towards initiating the process. That is the direct aim of the initiative.


If the initiative receives the required million signatures and the Commission does what the initiators expect, it will in turn be an encouraging message to the Member States: UBIs in your countries are welcome and Brussels will do its utmost to ensure that their implementation runs smoothly and without confusion.


Time is running out. Jobs become automated and paid employment can become a privilege faster than we dare to admit it. Nothing protects us from further quarantine times. In such times, it is important that providers of vital goods and services maintain their income base (consumers with basic ability to purchase), that companies which go on forced leave do not have to beg for wage subsidies from the state or close their doors forever, and most importantly, that households do not accumulate unpaid bills.


However, UBI cannot be a temporary solution. A person must always have the right to say ‘no’, and this is only guaranteed if his or her basic, dignified livelihood is guaranteed. Only then can we say that one has freedom of choice. Trafficking in human beings, the sex trade and “troll factories” in the interests of hostile countries do not dry up with mere condemnation or police action. They should not be able to hire peope due to the lack of such vulnerable people who cannot refuse their offer.


We have nations for whom a positive birthrate, at least at the recovery level, is existentially important. It is also important regarding the world’s cultural diversity. UBI, if it is available to any individuaal from birth,  is the only possible measure to create needed conditions. If every member of the family is in a life jacket, then whole family, no matter how big, is in a life jacket. The family’s ability to cope must not depend on whether its members are successful in the labor market or in the business world or are losers. There must be no economic barriers for families to having as many children as they dream of, be it lack of money or insecurity about the future.


UBI is a solution to security, society and the sustainability of nations. We encourage our countries to implement it. This time through Brussels.


And we will not forget the rest of the world. If we are successful, it will also boost basic income movements outside the European Union.


Let’s go give SignStorm a power!

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