Just a few days before it starts!

Almost every country in Europe is ready for the start of the European Citizens Initiative. Some countries have developed a national website with extra information about the Initiative and the Basic Income.

For example
The Germans have made a great site with a lot of information:  ebi-grundeinkommen.de

“Pour les gens Francophone”,  a video is made for the this purpose: Les Gens

Do you think the translations are not properly done?

Some reactions of visitors are about the bad translations of our native English webpages. They are don automaticaly by Google Translate. We are able to correct the translations. You can help with the editing of those pages by contacting your national coördinator or webmaster via our contactform.

We have a special program to edit the language of the pages on line.

Did you sign the ECI-UBI already and become one of the million?

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