The new network “UBI-EI” Unconditional Basic Income -European Initiative

UBI-EI (Unconditional Basic Income – European Initiative) is an initiative composed of UBI advocates from different European countries, who contributed to the design, initiation and execution of the two seperate ECI Campaigns for UBI, held in 2013-2014 and 2020-2022. The goal of our UBI-EI is the introduction of Unconditional Basic Incomes in every country in Europe and the world. We will cooperate and join the EUMANS pan-European movement and we will cooperate also with other groups.

  1. Our plans regarding the third ECI Campaign

We want to use the current seen momentum for the discussion about the introduction of a secure method for the people in this time of multiple crises. Our plans for a new ECI sould be seen as part of the ecological – social transformation of our society.

  1. The letter to MEPs on 12th of Sept.2022

Please find attached the letter (and the Annex to that letter) that we, UBI-EI, are sending to all MEPs: One important sentence is: We call on Members of the European Parliament to work to ensure that the introduction of an Unconditional Basic Income and steps towards an unconditional basic income in each EU Member State will be part of the European Commission’s proposal for a RECOMMENDATION on minimum income.

  1. UBI-EI will have regular meetings.

In the past, where the ECI-Team had Coordination Team Meetings and each two months European Coordination Team Meetings. We have now decided, that UBI-EI will hold each month on first Wednesdays a meeting, always with concrete proposals for the discussion.

  1. Coming UBI-EI Meeting to be held on 5th of Oct. 2022

Topic “Improvement of ECI rules”. A questionnaire (with consultation with the respective ECI teams) should be submitted by all organizers of ECIs by 14 Oct. 2022 at the latest. Klaus’ proposal is to be revised and then sent.