UBI – European Initiative

The ECI-UBI team continues its work independently and contributes to the entire European and also Worldwide Basic Income Movements, under the name of the ‘UBI – European Initiative’. We intend to continue our co-operation based on trust, friendship and solidarity that have been developed over many years while advocating and allocating efforts for implementation of basic income in a joint and coordinated way.
‘UBI – European Initiative’ (Unconditional Basic Income – European Initiative)
Our goal is to introduce unconditional basic income in every country in Europe and the world. UBI (Unconditional Basic Income) is the sum of money paid regularly, unconditionally and universally to all individuals, high enough to ensure their material existence and participation in society. UBI is a step towards an emancipatory welfare system.
Our understanding of co-operation is always based on volunteering, solidarity and respect to each other; both within the ‘UBI – European Initiative’ and also with other bodies and individuals.
As ‘UBI – European Initiative’, as an independent body, we would like to cooperate and join EUMANS, in order to make ‘Unconditional Basic Income’ one of the main points supported by EUMANS.