• UBI and public and social infrastructure
    Relationship between UBI and public and social infrastructure and services from emancipatory point of view Public and social infrastructure and services can be public institutions of education, culture, child, elder and health care, water, electricity, transport and mobility, security and so on. Public and social infrastructure and services are unconditional and universal to all individuals … Read more
  • Unconditional Basic Income – Basics 
    Unconditional Basic Income – Basics Content  What is an emancipatory UBI? UBI – Redistributive effect from the rich to the poor and the middle class and significant reduction of social and income inequality  UBI – Decoupling of gainful employment and individual livelihood security UBI – Recognition, social status and self-esteem independent of gainful employment UBI … Read more
  • UBI – European Initiative
    The ECI-UBI team continues its work independently and contributes to the entire European and also Worldwide Basic Income Movements, under the name of the ‘UBI – European Initiative’. We intend to continue our co-operation based on trust, friendship and solidarity that have been developed over many years while advocating and allocating efforts for implementation of … Read more
  • Abolish income poverty at last! Letter to Members of the European Parliament,
    Abolish income poverty at last! Develop Minimum Income as Unconditional Basic Income! Call to Members of the European Parliament,By Unconditional Basic Income – European Initiative (UBI-EI)Brussels, 12 th of September, 2022 We ask the Members of the European Parliament to work towards to ensure that the European Commission takes resolutions, papers and statements of the … Read more
  • The new network “UBI-EI” Unconditional Basic Income -European Initiative
    UBI-EI (Unconditional Basic Income – European Initiative) is an initiative composed of UBI advocates from different European countries, who contributed to the design, initiation and execution of the two seperate ECI Campaigns for UBI, held in 2013-2014 and 2020-2022. The goal of our UBI-EI is the introduction of Unconditional Basic Incomes in every country in … Read more
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