For the European Citizens´ Initiative (ECI) for Unconditional Basic Incomes (UBI) in the EU we have good news: The EU Commission has extended the time period for collection signatures for our ECI by 3 months. That means the signing of the initiatieve will end 25th December. 2021 The reason for this is given by the […]

Sharing pictures on social media is a great help

I you have ideas for pictures or want to have a translated picture text, please contact us via the contact form. All images are made by our team on Read the Free Media License Agreement for Canva designs. The ECI-UBI logo’s (2013/2020) are available for use under CC BY-SA Attribution + ShareAlike ECI-UBI logo […]

Just a few days before it starts!

Almost every country in Europe is ready for the start of the European Citizens Initiative. Some countries have developed a national website with extra information about the Initiative and the Basic Income. For example The Germans have made a great site with a lot of information: “Pour les gens Francophone”,  a video is made […]

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